Sunday, March 9, 2008

ONLINE Projects

"Getting to know Brazil" was used by 3rd graders from Wisconsin, USA, to learn more about Brazil. Ana Maria and her students from Brazil answered questions and shared information with American students.

The "Englishnowhere" blog was created by Camila Sousa to be used with students, with hearing disabilities, from Brazil who intend to go to College. They are studying English through internet emphasising two abilities - Reading and Writing !!

The Braz- Port blog was originally created by two teachers, Ana Maria Menezes (Brazil) and Isabel Neves (Portugal) with the objective of having their students work collaboratively through the use of this blog.

In "Our Blog Project" Intermediate students have the opportunity to learn how to create their own blogs and discover about this new way of communication developing their reading and writing in English. They also get in contact with EFL learners from other schools by visiting each other´s blogs.

The ESL/ EFL Sister Classes Project was devised by Larry Ferlazzo, a teacher in the US, where teachers from various countries develop joint projects , publish them and create a community of learners which learn together.

Pownce is a tool for microblogging. The perfect tool for beginners and pre-intermeditate levels. Students interact with the teacher and other students by writing small texts. Every week, I assigned simple texts for homework where they talked about themselves using language they had learned recently.

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