Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BLOG TALKS- session at Braz-tesol (Fortaleza)

This afternoon, I shared some online projects we've been developing with students at the Braz-tesol conference in Fortaleza. In spite of the noise of people breaking the outside wall and the delay of the plenary which had my room empty for the first minutes, everything went smooth. :)

These are the pictures Roberta (a friend of mine) took during the presentation.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


These are the slides used during a session at Braz-tesol conference in Fortaleza in July 2008. We have included audio so that you can follow the information given during the session.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blog: Englishnowhere - Camila Sousa

As Camila Sousa wasn´t able to attend the conference, we decided to have her with us virtually in order to talk about her interesting project.

Click on the GREEN arrow to watch Camila´s presentation.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Isabel Neves- Partner from Portugal

Isabel Neves (a teacher from Portugal) and I worked together in the Braz-Port Blog. We created a blog where we had groups of students interact with each other and also develop common tasks. This is a video message she sent me in order to include in this session.

Her voice is a bit low so increase the volume, please.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

ONLINE Projects

"Getting to know Brazil" was used by 3rd graders from Wisconsin, USA, to learn more about Brazil. Ana Maria and her students from Brazil answered questions and shared information with American students.


The "Englishnowhere" blog was created by Camila Sousa to be used with students, with hearing disabilities, from Brazil who intend to go to College. They are studying English through internet emphasising two abilities - Reading and Writing !!


The Braz- Port blog was originally created by two teachers, Ana Maria Menezes (Brazil) and Isabel Neves (Portugal) with the objective of having their students work collaboratively through the use of this blog.


In "Our Blog Project" Intermediate students have the opportunity to learn how to create their own blogs and discover about this new way of communication developing their reading and writing in English. They also get in contact with EFL learners from other schools by visiting each other´s blogs.


The ESL/ EFL Sister Classes Project was devised by Larry Ferlazzo, a teacher in the US, where teachers from various countries develop joint projects , publish them and create a community of learners which learn together.


Pownce is a tool for microblogging. The perfect tool for beginners and pre-intermeditate levels. Students interact with the teacher and other students by writing small texts. Every week, I assigned simple texts for homework where they talked about themselves using language they had learned recently.

How to start Blogging?

The easiest way to create a blog is using POSTEROUS

With Posterous, you don´t need to create an account or learn how to insert pictures to your texts (or posts). You can attach any kind of files to your message and it will be published: documents, photos, mp3s and video links. Check out how you can do that at http://posterous.com/faq/

You can also start blogging by opening an account at BLOGGER and creating your fist post.

This is a TUTORIAL which can help you.

You can also visit the following blog for help : BLOGGING TEACHERS.

How to build a network?

Building a network is very important in order to find collaborators for joint projects. My suggestion is to join the Yahoo Community "Learning with Computers" where you can learn about blogging and get to know the several members and potential blog partners.