Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BLOG TALKS- session at Braz-tesol (Fortaleza)

This afternoon, I shared some online projects we've been developing with students at the Braz-tesol conference in Fortaleza. In spite of the noise of people breaking the outside wall and the delay of the plenary which had my room empty for the first minutes, everything went smooth. :)

These are the pictures Roberta (a friend of mine) took during the presentation.


Graham said...

I'm sorry I missed your session, Ana Maria - it sounds like it went very well, so congratulations!

Ana Maria said...

Dear Graham,

I felt very honoured for you even thinking of attending my session. Well, the main objective of sharing my work was accomplished. Had a great time learning lots of other things too. I'll get in contact with you in order to get an account for my daughter at Teen Second Life and I'll surely explore it myself as well.

Great to have met you,