Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blog: Englishnowhere - Camila Sousa

As Camila Sousa wasn´t able to attend the conference, we decided to have her with us virtually in order to talk about her interesting project.

Click on the GREEN arrow to watch Camila´s presentation.


nagora said...

Dear Camila and Ana Maria,

I am amazed with work done!
You both have impressed me immensely! I haven't participated at the Brazil TESOL Conference, but the first pre-conference day, I feel I was with you while looking through and reading this perfectly created blog. It is great, informative and terrific!
I would like to used all the adjective that mean SUPERB!


Camila Sousa said...

Hello Nina...

Thank you!! Ana Maria had this brilliant idea... It's great to work with her...

Ana, congratulations on your presentation hope to share more distance sessions with you...rss

Danúbia Bull said...

Dear ana and Camila,

What a terrific work! I am sure people enjoyed listening to you and learning as well. I am sory for not participating. I can see that I am probably living a hundred years before you guys!!!!